Meet the Farmers

Jesse Meeder is the full time farmer of the family.  He, along with his partner, Katie McClain-Meeder, have lived in Buffalo, NY together since 2007.  In 2014 they purchased what is now Little Bear Farm and have begun to create a bio-diverse, ecological farm.  Jesse has been farming and gardening, in both urban and rural areas, for over 10 years. Katie is a social worker and weekend farmer.  Together, they are committed to raising ecologically responsible food relying on natural processes and "human scale" tools and labor.

Little Bear


In July 2013 and March 2017, The McClain-Meeder's have been joined by their two daughters, Charlotte and Flora.  They've always taken to calling them "Little Bears" and is one of the reasons for the name of the farm.  Other reasons include reminding themselves about the importance of nature and wild spaces in farming practices, and for the actual bear that has been seen on the property.

About the Farm

Little Bear Farm is located in Cattaraugus county, NY.  Our land is made up of forest, pasture, traditional farm land, and hoophouses.  We grow and sell chemical free vegetables and eggs using a CSA model, which we call "Garden Basket Subscriptions."

Logo designed by Maria Eley

Logo designed by Maria Eley